Until the elixir of life is found, the hot shower is probably the next best thing. Though very accessible in this day, and age, there are still obstacles to building the perfect shower experience.

The water heater. We have many customers asking us about which heater to choose, as different heaters are designed for different individuals. So which heater is best for you?

Today we asked the global water heating experts, successful since the 1960s and sold to over 150 countries worldwide, for some advice. Hopefully, with our infographic above, we can answer your questions.

If we are building a shower, equipped with a nice Rainshower, and expect to shower for average 8minutes (not including soap and bubbles time; which can get really interesting!) you should get a water storage heater of no smaller than 25L.

For families who take showers consecutively, they should get a larger storage heater, of 50-80L, depending on their average shower times. Those with the luxury of bathtubs will have to get a storage heater 60% of the bathtub capacity; more if the heater supports more than one bathroom.

Depending on the time of the day, and temperature as well, the time to heat up the water varies quite significantly in our tropical climate. Energy saving is definitely on our must-have list, as our PUB bills have no intention of ever coming down.

We have indicated the two popular models, which are both value for money, and use the least energy for heating the same amount of water. For single & couple apartments, who may not shower immediately right after the other, Andris R is comes ahead of the other models. Andris R is square in design, and is quite attractively priced for a branded water heater.

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