Top 3 creative storage solutions for small bathrooms - Part One

Solve your small space bathroom dilemmas with these simple hacks using easy-to-get materials.

Our bathrooms in Singapore generally get a lot of sun, and having some greens really help to combat smells and improve visual comfort amidst those glossy tiles.

Dont let a small bathroom cramp your stile, adding a bar system allows great flexibility. Be it baskets, flower pots or even trays to hold your mobile phones and magazines.

The best thing about these wall hung products is that you can change them for different uses any time you want.

Use them as towel holders as opposed to traditional cupboards.

They come in powder coated, brass chrome or stainless steel finish. Be sure to ask for 304 Stainless Steel quality if placed in wet areas.

For those opting for a country look, these solutions make being neat and convenient extremely easy!

Use other creative materials to replace the bar to suit the look you like!

Use them in the shower, beside the bathtub or wash basin, these solution is limited only by your creativity.